Over 60 Nobles, their ladies and friends gathered at the Perry Shrine Club on Saturday evening July 25, to honor our Marzuq Past Potentates. During the social hour everyone enjoyed hors d’oeuvres while socializing with our Shrine family. After the blessing of the meal, the flag salute and welcome by Noble Allen Wood, President, everyone enjoyed a steak dinner (with all the desserts you could eat)!

After the dinner 1st Ceremonial Master, Calvin Cone, introduced the Club officers, Ill. Sir Terry Herring , his Lady Diane along with the appointed and elected Divan, Then he gave many thanks to the cooks. Noble Zachary Cone and Brother Steven Murphy and to Lady Sharon Cone. The Club was decorated by Lady Virginia Sessions and her daughter, Diane Miller, in the theme of our current Potentate Terry Herring, highlighting the “Clearing the Way for Healthy Kids”. Of course at everyone’s arrival, they were greeted by Lady Amy Miller and Lady Farrah Cone at the registration table.

Noble Calvin then acknowledged the memorial table that was set to honor our deceased Past Potentates, Ill. Sir Charlie Watson (1990), Ill. Sir Roger Bertrand (1998), and Ill. Sir Tommy Greene (2004).

Before introducing each Past Potentate, Noble Calvin gave a notation that we were here tonight to show our appreciation for our Past Potentates for what they have done for our Temple and what they continue to do as Past Potentates. Noble Calvin stated, as Potentates we relied on their leadership and now as Past Potentates we rely on their wisdom and guidance.

Then each Past Potentate was introduced along with their ladies. Each gave a short recap of their year as Potentate. Past Potentates and Ladies in attendance were:
Ill. Sir Joe Gillespie and Lady Linda, Ill. Sir Roland Miller and Lady Kricket, Ill. Sir  Troy Thompson and Lady Mary, Ill. Sir Ivan Rowell and Lady Edye, Ill. Sir Buddy Tooke and Lady Susie, Ill. Sir Bob Smith and Lady MariLee, Ill. Sir Cecil Oswalt and Lady Kay and Ill. Sir Keiffer Lindsey.

Again, The Perry Shrine Club thanks all that helped make this a memorable and special evening of honoring our Marzuq Past Potentates.

Marzuq Shriners – Tallahassee, Florida